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George Birrell

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Welcome to the Scottish Art Portfolio website on which we are featuring the original paintings of George Birrell, Davy Brown, Pam Carter, Gillian Goodheir, Terry Barron Kirkwood, John Lowrie Morrison, Jack Morrocco and Dionne Sievewright.

In the past we have specialised in exhibiting the work of contemporary Scottish artists at a large number of events including art fairs, galleries and exhibitions in Edinburgh, London, Bristol and New York, which have resulted in publishing opportunites for several of the artists from the UK and American fine art publishing houses.

Exhibition Details 2020

Please click on Exhibition Details to find out where we are taking space and the artists whose work we will be exhibiting. This year we are particularly pleased to be hosting another John Lowrie Morrison solo exhibition at the Dundas Street Gallery, Edinburgh from mid March to early April. The exhibition is now being presented online on this website and will be extended until further notice.

We do trust that you will enjoy browsing through this website for Scottish Art Portfolio.

Colin & Terry Kirkwood